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  • Lubricate the Moving Parts
  • Test the Door Balance
  • Replace the Weatherstripping
  • Clean and Paint the Door
  • Clean and Paint the Door

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Garage Door Repair Westminster Maintenance service

Whether your garage door is a brand new one installed recently or was bought years ago, it is important that your garage door is cared for, well maintained and serviced periodically so as to keep all the intricate and complex components in top working condition at all times so that any kind of unexpected hazardous scenario can be prevented and to keep you updated as and when new technologies are introduced.

Regular service and maintenance will and help to keep looking as good as new adding both appeal and beauty to your whole premises. Maintenance of your garage door requires detailed checking and inspecting of the entire garage door and needs expertise and skill. This is why it is recommended that this highly technical task be entrusted with a highly professional who is seriously involved in providing services. Garage Door Repair Westminster Maintenance Services is one such Company which has established its calibre regarding anything to do with. We are a licensed, fully qualified and professional team with years of experience to fall back on, as our big plus! Garage Door Repair Westminster is competent to address all of your issues irrespective of what brand or model they might be!

If you still have doubts on why you opt for a maintenance package for your garage door

Here are a few reasons to go through:

Your garage door is made up of a number of complex and intricate systems of numerous non-moving and moving parts. You can expect to function smoothly only if each of these parts works perfectly and as designed for. As soon as you entrust the maintenance to Westminster Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Services, it is our duty to ensure that your garage door is at all times, in perfect working condition. We do periodical check up for any kind of wear and tear and change these as and when required with high quality and genuine parts -we never compromise on our quality of work and the products we use! Our one aim is to make your that you have absolutely no hassles when it comes to operating. We ensure that each and every component, however big or small they may be, along with the garage door, works perfectly at all times.

At Westminster Garage Door Repair, we also update and service old garage doors and other technical updates. Through these updates you can ensure that, with your old garage door, it does the job of a brand new one without having to invest too much money as it will have all the qualities and functions of the latest available in the market including the up dated security systems! We ensure that there is minimum chance for any immediate or future complications related whether new or old.

So, just give us a call at Westminster Garage Door Services for any of your garage related jobs and judge for yourself how we fair!

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